TOP 10 Zero calorie Foods To Help You Slim Down


basically, the bottom line is that you don’t take on any excess calories, and in some examples you end up burning calories as you eat them.

The theory beyond zero calorie foods or low calorie foods is that they have little quantity of calories that the energy you burn while eating them cancels out

Whether or not this is an connect statement, it’s clear that the backing 20 foods have such a slight caloric load they won’t even include in your daily calorie intake.

Zero Calorie Foods

every one of these zero calorie foods has at most 52 calories per 100 gram of portion. As chicken breast has 172 calories per 100 grams and is considered a low calorie food, it’s empty why these foods are contemplated zero calorie foods.


Cucumbers have so much water in them it’s not amaze that they’re low in calories. That’s why cucumbers make a great to most salads, mainly when the salad is full of other low-cal veggies.

You can eat til you feel full, while still keeping your low total number of calories. Combine this sort of eating with a more active lifestyle, and you start to tip the scales in your favor, Figuratively and figuratively.

Total calories per 100g serving: 16.


Celery is when you eat it you don’t really sense like you’re eating anything, so it’s not a total shocker to find out that it has mainly zero calories. The nature of celery makes it look as if it only exists to hold the water it has.

What you’ll mostly see is celery with cream-based or peanut butter fillings inside of it, and you’ll want to keep away from those if you are keeping follow of calories, as they can change it back the other way full quickly.

Total calories per 100g serving: 16.


Tomatoes are healthiest foods you can eat, and it’s only apt that they come in low calories. The lycopene they has helps stop cancer, and stages of heart disease, so you’re doing yourself a goodwill each time you eat it.

It also makes a great weight loss food cause it contains such few calories that you burn it off just getting it planned for cooking. Merge it with other foods on this list and you’ll get a delightful, low-calorie snack.

Total calories per 100g serving: 17.


It’s great news that zucchini is low in calories cause it is a well liked side dish, and can even be include into things like zucchini bread. It’s a very flexible vegetable that puts up small calorie , it’s hard to do any harm with it.

That being said, too much of a benefit is never good, so you’ll want to use this to help you sense satisfied through a meal without overcook.

Total calories per 100g serving: 17.


Asparagus shows up as a support dish to many snacks, and is a great choice because it’s fibrous nature means it will please your hunger, but the number of calories makes it so it doesn’t add much to your daily total.

Eating asparagus fresh on a salad is a crunchy and satisfying treat, while grilling it or steaming it are the two Most Unexceptional cooking methods. Be sure to go easy on oil or the butter, as that will bring the calorie count right back up.

Total calories per 100g serving: 20.


Cauliflower also limbos as one of the lowest rating foods on the calorie chart. It’s also a cruciferous vegetable and has many healthy benefits to it, counting being an anti-inflammatory food, and helping digestive systems and the body’s cardiovascular.

It’s a great weight loss help all the way around, not just because it’s extremely low in calories. You effortlessly burn through its caloric fill with the act of cooking it.

Total calories per 100g serving: 25.


Cabbage often gets brought up for its capacity to stop cancer and heart disease, and it often ranks on lists of foods that help with weight loss. That’s because it has a calorie counting so low you end up burning it off by going the normal motions of your day.

Cabbage soup is a important way to eat cabbage, as it is a filling meal while carrying far fewer calories than most soups.

Total calories per 100g serving: 25.


You don’t feel like eating a heaping of turnips, but if you did you wouldn’t affect your calorie intake. These vegetables show up in recipes, but most often they’ll be used as part of a support dish.

You can also use them on a salad. They are an anti-inflammatory food, so they can help south down the symptoms of several conditions caused by excessive inflammation in the body.

Total calories per 100g serving: 28.


eating lemons in order to keep your calories down will not work. But it’s nice to know that you can use them as much as possible you want and you won’t be putting much of a strain on your total calories consumed in a day.

That’s why lemons are great for a glass of water, or sprinkling on top of fish to give them a bit of zest. They’re also an alkalizing food and has antioxidants to stay you healthy.

Total calories per 100g serving: 29.


Watermelon has a low calories, in spite of being so sweet. This has to be the sweetest food on our list, while still considerably low in calories.

being a crowd pleaser, watermelon has antioxidants that support your body in many ways. It’s also been revealed to be able to improve your metabolism, just don’t go overboard on portion sizes.

Total calories per 100g serving: 30.


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